The Summer Villa in Nice

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slut efie accompanies Mistress Dagmar to Her summer villa near Nice. efie thinks that T/they will have beautiful time together, just the two of them, but Mistress Dagmar has other things planned for efie.

The Summer Villa in Nice

Fixing the CB2000

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The slut has been wearing the CB2000 chastity cage, off and on, for over a year – more off than on much to Mistress Cassandra’s disapproval. The problem is that the CB2000 has some security flaws. The critical one is that it is possible to squeeze the balls between the two cock rings, and pull the cock out, leaving the lock intact. One of these cock rings goes around the base of the cock, behind the balls. The cock is pushed through the other ring and into the cock cage. The two rings are held together with a pin with a hole in the end, through which the lock is secured.

In the past, when the slut has felt desperate or horney, it has been able to remove the cock lock without Mistress Cassandra knowing. The only person who has felt cheated is the slut itself. There is no point in entering into a chastity commitment if one is cheating on the side. So the slut looked at ways to improve the security. It first of all tried a length of chain, which went around behind the balls, and the ends of the chain looped through the hasp of the lock. When the lock was locked, the chain would prevent the balls from being squeezed through the first cock ring. Unfortunately the slut is devious when it is locked, and its mind becomes very inventive. It discovered that the chain could be removed by snipping the links at each end of the chain. The cage could then be removed, and the slut could enjoy as much illicit stroking as it desired. When it came to inspection time, the cage could be put back on, and the chain re-attached, squeezing the open section of the links together with a pair of long-nosed pliers.

It was really quite pointless, because the slut felt no motivation to continue with the chastity program.

When its mind turned again to the gorgeous Mistress Cassandra and chastity, it decided to take another look at the CB2000. This time, it decided that the solution was to eliminate the free play between the two cock rings. For this it resorted to the wonderful plastic locks. These are much better than metal locks, as i have explained before. The plastic locks are numbered, so if a lock is removed, then the slut will be found out. So, last night, when The Dicktator locked up the slut again for this next program, a second plastic lock was placed around the two cock rings, and then snapped shut. It was a tight fit – the hasp of the lock only just reaches around the two rings, but this is enough. It now prevents any movement between the two rings. The balls are very securely locked away between the two rings, and there is no possibility, absolutely none, of squeezing the balls through the gap without doing serious injury.

You can see how effective this has been by looking at these two photos:

Slut efie’s new assignment

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Mistress Cassandra has previously made the slut write-up a number of cuckolding stories involving the cruel Mistress Dagmar in Berlin and Her alpha male, Klaus. The story-writing has prepared the slut well, and now it is time for the real thing. Last night the slut received its instructions. The slut has been instructed to make an appointment with a German domme and to travel to Germany within the next 4 weeks. It was cock-locked and will not be allowed release until after the appointment.

Its instructions are to:

1. Carry out research on different dommes in Germany
2. Select a number for consideration by Ms Cassandra
3. Once She has decided, to make an appointment.

Mistress Cassandra will contact the domme and give instructions on the program details for the session. The slut will not know what has been decided. The German domme will advise Mistress Cassandra what She (the domme) expects in terms of the slut’s appearance and preparation.

There will be a video hook-up with Mistress Cassandra during the session, so that She may make sure that Her requirements are followed exactly.

The session will be recorded and, subject to LDW approval, posted on LDW’s social network site.

Cocksucking Fantasy

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The slut is taken out on a leash to Diva Deluxe, for some humiliation
A Night Out at Diva Deluxe

How to cheat at chastity

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The slut is writing this piece in order to reveal all the tricks that chastity slaves can get up to when in chastity. The slut has some experience in this respect.

The list is not complete, and it will be added to as and when the slut thinks of them.

The slut will write another post which will make recommendations on how to combat these techniques.

1. When using a metal lock, buy two identical padlocks, sending all the keys for one of them to the Mistress, and keeping the keys for the other lock at hand for unlocking the device and indulging in some illicit stroking.

2. This padlock is widely available from online stores like XR and Stockroom. It looks very pretty, and is the padlock of choice for My Mistress, but it is totally useless in terms of security. The lock can be picked quite easily with a paperclip.


3. When the Mistress calls for a spot check via cam, pretend that it will take a few minutes to get the cam up and running, while working furiously to put on the device and lock it before going live on air for the inspection. And by the way: make sure that the lock is always in the same position, facing the right way round every time!

4. It is actually harder to cheat with plastic locks. This may sound strange, but a metal lock is really no more secure than a plastic lock, because both can be cut-off. The big advantage of plastic locks is the fact that they are numbered serially – if a plastic lock is cut off and replaced with another, The Mistress will know as soon as She checks the number.

To know how to cheat with a plastic lock, it is necessary first of all to understand how they work. The open end of the plastic loop has two small prongs, each with a backward-facing barb. When the open end is inserted fully into the body of the lock, the barbs click in place and the loop cannot be opened without cutting it.

To cheat, place the open end carefully into the body of the lock without letting it click into place. To the casual look by The Mistress the lock will appear to be locked but, after the spot check the lock can be opened and used again for the next inspection.

5. Cut the plastic loop for illicit stroking pleasures, then use superglue to glue the loop back in place. Be careful to cut the loop at a point where the cut won’t be revealed! At the edge of the body of the lock, or at the point on the loop where there is a small groove.

6. Most chastity devices are made to a standard size. Some come with cock rings that are of different sizes and designs, but even so most of them do not provide a totally secure fit.

The size of the male’s penis and ball sac varies over a very wide range during the day and the night, depending on temperature, blood flow, etc. When the device is fitted it may appear tight and impossible to remove but later, when the penis shrinks or the ball sac contracts, it may be possible to pull the penis out the back of the device and pull the testes out through the cock ring. Sometimes, especially at night, the testes may go wandering, disappearing up into the abdominal cavity. Once, the slut woke up in the morning to find that one particular device had fallen off in its sleep.

Cock rings that can be opened (with a hinge, like the Curve) or come in 2 pieces (like the CB6000) are better than cock rings that are closed (like the CB2000 or the Exobelt), because these allow a narrower cock ring to be used, but they are still not foolproof.

If you are tempted to remove the device in this way, you had better be well-prepared for a spot check, because getting the device back on in its fully-assembled state is extremely difficult at the best of times. Try doing it under pressure with an erection while The Mistress is tapping her fingernails on the table!

7. Another way to cheat with a metal lock is to not lock it. Turn the hasp of the lock towards the closed position, but let it rest on the body of the lock without pushing it down and clicking it into place. To a casual inspection the lock will look like it is locked, but after the inspection the lock can be removed. The best type of lock is one with a hasp that doesn’t turn too easily – don’t choose a lock with a hasp that will swing around away from the lock at your slightest movement!

The Exobelt is quite suitable for this ploy. The two locks for the device close onto metal bands that are tensioned – the tension of the band pushes the hasp in a way that makes it quite difficult to move without a bit of pressure.

The slut is sure that there are also other chastity slaves with other experiences and ideas.

Taking calls to describe chastity experiences

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